Thursday, November 26, 2009

WTF!!! Is this thing still on?!

I nearly forgot about this blogger account after I succumbed to the siren song of Twitter even though my Twitter account connects to this page directly. I casually looked at my profile this evening and noticed, "What the fuck is this shit!" This blog will forever be my constant reminder that I tried to write random shit on a regular basis and then failed miserably.

Please don't jump to the conclusion that I'm posting this crappy submission and forever swearing off/touching or linking to this page again. I also won't make half-assed promises and say, "I'll be back to put up random photos of my life, folks". Rather, I'll leave the door ajar and hope that I remember to check in once in awhile and alert you to that fact I have yet to expire.

I've never been comfortable rambling on about things that only matter to me or require an argument written in an essay format. Writing was never my strong point and I hated doing the annual writing comprehension tests that were required by all primary school children. I believe it's why I prefer to communicate online through Twitter as most of my opinions fall within the 140 character limit and that there is only so many times I can say "shit" and "fuck" before I stop listening to myself. There's nothing wrong with writing a short novel about how you're cranky, you tits hurt or that Trader Joe's ran out of your favorite microwave dinner burrito, but I find the exercise to be tedious.

You are free to refer to this specific post if for some reason in the future I loose my mind and go on a linguistic rampage. Which I'm sure will happen when I get my grunders into a particularly aggressive twist.

Hugs and Kisses


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Proposition 8 the Musical

See more videos at Funny or Die

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Space Olympics 3022

Hmm, the 3022 Space Olympics sound not so good actually. But they can't enforce the curfew because there is no "light or sound" (excellent). 

I also need to find time to update this freaking blog. So much stuff has been going on over here.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mirror Image- Amy Adams & Kirsten Wiig

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An SNL skit parodying "Sister Sister" style ABC sitcom featuring Amy Adams and cast member Kirsten Wiig (the latter which I love the most out of the current cast).  This episode replayed last weekend and fueled my desire to find a version to embed in the blog for yours, and mostly my pleasure. This skit made me laugh so much I'm using "Ass right I am!" when being in the affirmative. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Poop n' Scoop Adventures

A couple of weeks ago we were in Morgan Hill for the first year anniversary of the opening of Happy Dog Park. So I thought I would submit this fluff piece regarding an outing with our puppehs. It was a smallish local event mostly attended by Morgan Hill Dog Owners Group and their pooches. They held a raffle for the people and hosted a party for the dogs. There were probably about 200 dogs in attendance despite the first uncomfortably warm weather weekend of the year. We tried to invite other greyhounds to attend the event but Fisher was the only sighthound zipping around the park that day.

Waiting for the raffle to start

Hot dog is hot.

"Mmm, what do we have here?"

After the event I went to visit my folks for a quick nap and an early pizza dinner. Fisher was thoroughly exhausted after his busy day of running and butt sniffing; he donks out quickly at the house. We ended up talking about this and that; the upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco and an impending Las Vegas road trip (that if I go I must go and investigate the Fresh n' Easy (Tescos) chain popping up and eventually be in the Bay Area in 2009).

"I is sleeping and ferocious beast. Leave me alone."

"Oh noes, you got my bad side!"

Taylor had joined in on the trip as well but since he has the most frightening case of anti-social behavior that probably should be addressed by Cesar Millan; he sat it out. He spent the time sitting under a tree with the boyfriend and watched the other dogs walk to and from the park. Even though he started out being difficult and charged at other curious pups he eventually calmed down and allowed others to walk past him without a freak out.

Until the next doggie-licious day out; peace!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Final Fantasy: Crisis Core Event

On March 25, 2008 Square Enix released the PSP game prequel to the Final Fantasy 7 chapter in the Final Fantasy series. Causing the largest simultaneous global incident of flooded panties in the whole of fandom history (creaming more shorts than the fail boat that was Dirge of Cerebus). I spent my entire Tuesday standing in line with Taylor the grump-tastic terrier holding a place in line for the overly ecstatic boyfriend who had to spend his day at the office makin' monies. 

I knew that the day was going to be a long and difficult one of waiting on the cold, windy, congested streets of San Francisco at Mission and 4th St. So armed with my purse and a small, cantankerous dog (no real planning was made really, I didn't even bring a chair) I watched the world go by between the hours of 12:30 PM to 6 PM. 

This is our view for the rest of the day. 

By the time I showed up around lunch time, the sidewalks were packed with convention goers from the Moscone Center looking for eats and coffee hits. There was about 40 people ahead of me who admitted to waiting outside the Metreon since 6 AM that morning (someone must have misread the Playstation announcement). A lot of tourists stared at the line making scrunched up faces as if they were walking past a group of lepers begging for change (some do not see the difference in regards to fandom).

This place is smelly and weird.

Taylor was well behaved for the most part. I am quite sure he was far more pleased to be sitting with me outside all day instead of at home in his smelly crate. He only freaked out a couple of times when he saw other dogs crossing the intersection 20 yards away. He's stupid that way.

Mmm, chinese food and hand held pot pies...

Besides my line neighbors I was subjected to the sign above (note: "The Cravery") that made me believe that hand held pot pies would lead to my salvation. Not only to fill my sour stomach that prevented me from eating a proper lunch but also to line my jacket for warmth against the cold winds that day. I was also developing a curiousity as to what exactly was an "IceBee".

This was what I was waiting for all day

A Sony employee came out to chat with the line as he helped the staff inside make sure these promo posters go up in the windows. He teased us about what to expect at the event and what happened at past Square Enix events at the Metreon. He was friendly and courteous and even said "Hi" to Taylor before telling us to "stay strong" and "hold on" for the home stretch to the event that evening."

About 30 minutes before the event

Around 5 PM, the boyfriend finally arrived to relieve me of my line duty so that I could "relieve" another matter that had been a"pressing issue" for the pass few hours. He was even so kind enough to bring along a can of Halo dog food picked up at the Whole Foods for the now VERY grumpy and hungry Taylor who had refused to eat breakfast that morning. I too was feeling pretty shitty at that point and needed something to boost my blood sugar levels. Thankfully there was a ice cream counter inside the Metreon :D.

We are Kotaku, we want to make a scene

So you may be asking yourself, with all that you had to put up with (smoke, traffic, fandom, sour stomach, a dog that doesn't share your enthusiasm) what did you get out of it ultimately? Since FF7 was the most loved (some may argue this) of all the Final Fantasy games; Square Enix tries to hold fan events to remind you, the fan why you still love this shit and also encourage sales. I was aware that I didn't have to wait all day for the game as there were quite a few people in line that had picked up a copy at Gamestop that morning. Sony enticed both the boyfriend and I to this event with the promise of a Shinra Power Company t-shirts and our own Shinra employee photo I.D. badge for only the first 100 people in line. And the possibility of winning even more shit in a raffle (the boyfriend did very well for himself and won a limited edition lithograph print). 

You may also be asking were the fuck are the pictures of this kick ass shindig? Well, I'm sorry say that every time I pulled out the cybershot I was reminded that there was no picture taking with the animated arm flailing of Sony employees in my line of shot. Too bad I wasn't equipped with a tiny spy camera in my d├ęcolletage as there were very beautiful statues and concept art from the game development on display. 

I didn't win anything at the raffle event but I was happy to end my day with my very own "gourmet hand held pot pie" eaten at home with a knife and fork. 


Monday, April 14, 2008

Beer and Eggs

Aww, man! I was so good this past March, making updates almost every few days. But it looks like I slipped up in the end and let weeks past without making an effort to post. But I have lots of things to share with you, so lets get on with it now.

A few weeks ago it was Easter weekend and my younger brother's 25th birthday. I spent most of Saturday brainstorming a good gift as it was a last minute decision to doing something funny instead of buying something typical at the local Sharper Image (I save that excuse for Christmas). I took note that our apartment complex held a mini Easter egg hunt for the little ones that live here. So I decided to make him an easter basket with beer, eggs and chocolate. Sounds yum, right?

Freshly boiled and dyed ("Chowder" inspired) sassy easter eggs

Some more sassy looking eggs prepared for my cousins.

The Easter beer and eggs basket

Havin' some mango n' fruit birthday cake at Krung Thai

The beer is the boyfriend's favorite local brew "Anchor Steam" that we had picked up the other day at BevMo and he swears by the stuff (it's also good stuff to cook with). The rest was either picked up at Target which was ground zero for Easter madness and home made goodies (I try to be crafty and imaginative). I spent Saturday afternoon boiling boring old eggs and transforming them into totally "kawaii" Chowder-style eggs. I painted their faces with non-toxic paint Sunday morning so as to NOT poison everyone that would eventually eat them.

Before leaving for easter dinner at Krung Thai in San Jose, we had to pick up 2 birthday cakes (one for my bro and one for my sister's bf who had his birthday that Friday) at my mom's newest favorite bakery Sheng Kee in Daly City. I must admit that the boyfriend and I have become smitten with their delicious cakes as well and attempt to sabotage others by trying to get them hooked on the "cakey" goodness. We arrived late to the party but had enough time to gorge on very good thai food, afterwards we all had a generous slice of the mango mousse cake my brother was given. Unfortunately, we were way too stuffed to try out the peach mousse (but you can see it near the upper left corner in the last pic). We presented my brother with his birthday present after the meal and I "think" he liked it. I'm not sure if he realized that he got another "beer" present from me, but at least he also got eggs and chocolate out of the deal.

And that's how I spent my Easter weekend. I hope you peeps had a good one.